Adult Day Care

What is the difference between Adult Social Day Care and Adult Day Health?

Adult Social Day Care

Adult Social Day Care is a place where Elders can go to participate in supervised recreational activities and receive some health care services such as physical or occupational therapy and/or receive assistance with medication management.

  • An example participant would be an Elder who lives with family members that work during the day but requires assistance to go to the bathroom and be reminded to take medication. This Elder would spend the work day at the Adult Social Day Care.

Adult Day Health Centers

Adult Day Health Centers also offer supervised recreational activities. In addition, Adult Day Health offers more intense medical services for Elders who are at significant risk of being placed in a nursing home.

  • An example participant would be an Elder with dementia who lives at home with their caregiver. The Adult Day Health Center would attend to all of the Elders needs while at the center providing a break for their caregiver.

Next Steps when selecting a Center

Not all Centers are created equal. Check with your local Area Agency on Aging or State Unit on Aging to find out if licensing and regulations are required for Adult Day Care or Adult Day Health in your state.

  1. Contact your states Adult Day Services Association
    • For State Adult Day Services Associations with websites click here
  2. Locate a Center near you
  3. Schedule a visit
    • National Adult Day Services Association has an excellent checklist that you can print and take with you.
  4. Talk with the Staff, Participants and Families
  5. Ask for references
  6. Make an unscheduled visit at another time


The cost of Adult Day Care or Adult Day Health can range between $25-$100 PER DAY depending on where you live and the services provided. Adult Day Care or Adult Day Health is OFTEN NOT COVERED by Medicare.

Hope is not lost! State (Medicaid) and Federal programs (Older American Act, Veteran’s Health Administration) may be able to offer substantial financial assistance.

Why Should I Care?

Adult Day Care or Adult Day Health may be able to provide the services you need to remain living safely at home.

Adult Day Care or Adult Day Health can provide caregivers a necessary break.