Types of Elder Care

Elder Care is intended to assist you with activities of daily living so that you can live as independently as possible for as long as possible.  The best first step is to educate yourself before help is needed. An informed transition will reduce stress and anxiety for you and your loved ones.

Types of Care

The good news is there are many types of Elder Care but they are broken down into only 2 categories!

Home and community based service (HCBS) is assistance that you may receive in your home or participate in within your community.

Examples of Home and Community Based Care would be:

Residential Care is a location where you live to receive the ongoing care you need. Each state may have a different term and licensing requirements for residential care. States may define the residential care based on specific disabilities or diagnosis such as mental illness, or addictions, or intellectually challenged.

For our purposes we define Residential Care as it pertains to Elders-Assisted Living Facilities and Nursing Homes.


The cost of Elder Care varies widely. Private insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, long term care insurance and VA benefits all have different coverage requirements and limitations.

5 Steps to Learn What Type of Elder Care You Need

  1. Assess what you are able to do for yourself and then ask a trusted family member or friend for their opinion on what help you may need.
  2. Your doctor will be able to assess your medical condition and arrange for medical services for you if needed.
  3. A case manager from your local Area Agency on Aging can identify what services you may need and qualify for.
    • Other government agencies that can help with long term care choices can be found here.
  4. Case managers from social service agencies like Catholic Social Services or Family Services can also help you.
  5. You can hire a private Geriatric Case Manager (GCM) to asses your needs and coordinate services for you.

The National Institute of Health has created a short video What Does Long-Term Care Include? that gives useful information on types of care you might need.

Why Should I care?

Like the Beatles said

“We get by with a little help from our friends.”

Our friends and loved ones can help guide us in Elderhood

so we can keep our independence and freedom.