Elder Scams

Millions of people are victims of scam artists every year. The scam artists are very smooth with their con game. They know that Elders make great victims because they are less likely to report the crime to police for fear of being thought of as old, incapable of living alone or feeling foolish. Scam artists are committing a CRIME-notify the police immediately!

The IRS will NOT call you and demand a payment over the phone without first sending you a bill in the mail.

  • your bank will NOT call, email or send regular mail to you to ask for your account information-they already have that information
  • you will NOT get rich, keep your child/grandchild/friend from being arrested, or buy a miracle cure by giving out ANY of your financial information

**Never give out your bank account information, credit card number or social security number to anyone who has called you on the phone or sent you an email.**

If something sounds too good to be true check the FBI website – FBI Common Fraud Schemes Fraud Target -Senior Citizens

Elder Identity Theft

You worked hard your whole life and paid your bills on time. You have perfect credit. You are a perfect target for an identity thief!

  • Read your bank statements then shred them
  • Get off the junk mail list (Opt Out Prescreen )
  • Check your credit report and place a credit freeze

New Friends, also known as, The “Sweetheart Scam”

Of course you are a wonderful person to know and to be around but be cautious of the new friend, or romantic partner, who seems to be all that you were ever looking for. The person that appeared as if sent by the Universe just for you-happy to “help” you get to the bank, fix your roof, cut your grass or drive you to the doctor- may have other intentions. If your new friend asks you to add them to your bank account so they can help you write out checks or to name them as your Power of Attorney– Think Twice! Sadly, that person may not have your best interest in mind.


 Why Should I Care?

Scam artists will happily steal your life savings leaving you with nothing!