Elder Safety

We want to maintain the independence and freedom that comes with being safe at home.

A best way to stay out of a long term care facility is to stay healthy and prevent falling down.

10 Simple Steps to Stay Safe at Home

  1. Exercise-if you don’t use it you lose it
  2. Eat food from all of the food groups
  3. Drink water & limit alcohol intake
  4. Get a medical alert system-and keep it with you at all times
  5. Install grab bars in the bathroom
  6. Move things you can trip over-electric cords, clothes, papers, furniture
  7. Keep everyday items within reach so you don’t need a step stool
  8. Get rid of throw rugs or securely tape them down
  9. Clean up spills-liquids, food, body powder are all slippery on the floor
  10. Ask for help

Home in Need of Repair

Home Sweet Home-The stair railing is a little loose, you have to wiggle the light switch and the tile is broken on the bathroom floor. Then you lose your balance and the stair railing pulls right off the wall. The light switch zaps you. The broken tile on the bathroom floor was OK-until you stepped out of the shower.

Use this booklet from the CDC to identify areas where you can reduce your risk of injury:

Check for Safety A Home Fall Prevention Checklist for Older Adults

  • Ask your family or friends to refer you to a licensed contractor or check with your local Chamber of Commerce.
  • Check with the Better Business Bureau for any complaints against the contractor.
  • Put down in writing what services the contractor will provide and the cost –BEFORE you hand over any money.

Drug Safety for Elders

As our bodies change with age, we often need to take more medications. These changes can also affect how our body absorbs medicine. It is important to take medication as prescribed for you.

  • Keep a list of ALL the medicine you take including vitamins or supplements posted on the refrigerator. You can find a free form to use here: My Medicine Record
  • Review the list with your doctor at every visit.
  • Sometimes what the doctor said and what we heard are different-When the doctor gives you a new prescription, tell the doctor what you heard him or her say.

Why Should I Care?

We retain the right to make our own decisions as we age-that includes the good and bad choices.

The better choices we make the better chance we have to age safely in our community.