Hippies, Baby Boomers & The Greatest Generation

I spent the July 4th holiday in our Nations capitol and was proud to be an American!

Be the light in the darkness!

Washington DC is a place where not that long ago hippies and Baby Boomers protested the Vietnam war. The Greatest Generation was revered while the Vietnam vets were spit on when they came home. I stood in the place where Dr. King had a Dream and considered how far our country has come since the Civil Rights Movement.

I visited the FDR memorial tucked among the trees. President Roosevelt was elected during some of the darkest days of our country. He took office during the Great Depression.   President Roosevelt led the Greatest Generation through most of World War II. It struck me that in many ways our country needs someone like him in the White House.

My heart aches with the news of 2 more African American men shot by police officers and 5 police officers shot by an African American man.

I was watching live TV coverage of the Black Lives Matter events taking place around the country. I saw the Dallas crowd run and knew something horrific was taking place. The camera panned back and I saw in real time  two police officers not moving on the ground. By now we all know how the horror unfolded.

 “If civilization is to survive, we must cultivate the science of human relationships – the ability of all peoples, of all kinds, to live together, in the same world at peace.” President Roosevelt

There has been no shortage of drama and divisive speeches  in the race to the White House. In November My Generation,- the Hippies, Baby Boomers, Greatest Generation and Generations X, Y and Z-will elect a new leader. In these dark days of high unemployment, xenophobia and racism I hope we take time to reflect on the history of our nation.

Let us remember that we, as One Nation Indivisible, have overcome dark days before. We come from an era where you knew your neighbors. We can return to that sense of community by reaching out 1 handshake at a time. Meet your neighbors and members of your community. Get to see your neighbors as individual people instead of their race, gender or ethnic heritage. Have a block party where the youth can sit and chat with the Elders-each one teach one.

July 31st leave your front porch light on as a symbol that YOU are willing to do you part to drive out the darkness that is enveloping our country.
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