World Elder Abuse Awareness Day June 15th

President Obama has made June 15th 2016 World Elder Abuse Awareness Day.

To read the Presidential Proclamation click here.

1 in 10 Elders report being abused

Experts believe that for each reported case of Elder abuse 23 cases  go unreported

As much as we don’t want to think about it Elder abuse is real and it is happening everyday.

90% of the perpetrators are an adult child, spouse, or caregiver who usually has

  • a need to be in control
  • a history of substance abuse or other addictions
  • a history of violence (domestic violence, fights with others)

Victims of elder abuse often refuse to press charges against a loved. Some victims report being aware they are being victimized but the abuser is their only caretaker and feel the abuse is more bearable than being alone.

Financial abuse costs Elders almost $3 BILLION each year!

Recent investigations have found that scam artists heavily target individuals age 78 or older. The scammers will attempt to lure you in by false promises of winning lotteries, threats of legal action or by using a long term scam.

Long term scams are very clever!

The “home repair” scam-Someone knock so n your door mentions they notice a problem with your roof so you agree and pay them to replace your shingles. Then the scammer tells you there’s a lot of damage and your home needs more work and you hand over another check. The scam continues until your bank account is empty.

Scam refund scam-This scam promises to get you back the money you lost to a scammer-as long as you agree to send them “a small fee” or provide your bank account information.

Elder abuse can happen to ANYONE even Hollywood legends-

You can help prevent Elder Abuse

  • Give a caregiver a break by volunteering to stay with an Elder in need of care & supervision.
  • Ask your doctors office to make the question “Do you feel safe at home?” a required questions for all patients.
  • Ask your bank or financial institution to train their employees to  spot & report financial abuse.
  • Volunteer at your local nursing home or assisted living facility.
  • Advocate for your state to require a National Background Check for all Direct Access Health Care Workers.


Most importantly-

If you see something-SAY something! 

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