In the Beginning…

It started with a storm-nothing catastrophic-but still something to be considered.

As I watched the snow fall, it struck me how growing into Elderhood is very much like the individual snowflakes. Sparkly days of life accumulating like snow drifts.

At first, they don’t really concern you. You think “It’s beautiful! No big deal!” The first hoarfrost of grey hair appears. The days continue to pile up like crystallized snowflakes. One day you realize it’s still beautiful but you might need some help.

Then something happens. Hopefully, it isn’t catastrophic.

I’m often asked what to do when an Elder might not be as safe at home as they could be.

My kids are on my bank account so they can make all my healthcare decisions for me. (No)

Sometimes the call comes that Mom fell.  Doesn’t Medicare cover everything? (not necessarily)

Maybe an Elder just needs the snow shoveled so her homecare worker can get in.

Elderhood, that respected place in life where you are leading the future generations, doesn’t come with instructions. We want to maintain our independence and our freedom for as long as possible but our path isn’t clear.

As I watched the snow gently drift down that day  I realized I needed to create a place where these questions (and more) could be answered.  A quiet place where you can find answers to questions you didn’t know to ask. was born that day.

Thank you for joining me!

Happy Elderhood!


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